BIA Announces Spinoff of TotalDiscovery Software Division

NEW YORK CITY – January 28, 2016Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), a leader in eDiscovery and Managed Legal Services, announced today that it has completed the spinoff of its highly experienced and innovative software division. The new company, TotalDiscovery, will be based in Seattle, Washington.

“It’s the right time for this to happen,” stated Brian Schrader, BIA’s President. “We have seen an amazing rate of adoption for the TotalDiscovery web application, not just among corporations and government agencies but also among law firms and eDiscovery service providers, and that really drove the decision to bring TotalDiscovery out from under BIA and into its own limelight.” TotalDiscovery will maintain all of BIA’s former software division’s employees and facilities, with an eye toward continued growth. “Other than a new logo on our formal documents and a different email address, our TotalDiscovery customers won’t see any operational changes,” related Alon Israely, tapped to lead the new company. “Indeed, what this truly is about is helping us focus our resources and attention on the TotalDiscovery platform, and that will only improve our customers’ experiences.”

About BIA:  BIA is a leader in the legal information management industry, with over a decade of experience helping companies, governmental agencies, and law firms successfully manage data for lawsuits, regulatory matters, and investigations. Our Professional Services teams provide defensible, affordable, and integrated solutions that address the entire litigation and regulatory lifecycle, from initial identification and collection through review, production, and presentation. Our customers are our #1 priority, and we strive every day to provide the most defensible and cost-effective solutions available combined with exceptional customer service.

About TotalDiscovery:  TotalDiscovery builds defensible, cost-effective software solutions to address data preservation and legal compliance needs of corporations, law firms, and governments. The TotalDiscovery platform was designed for use by both Legal and IT for all types of matters, from internal investigations to complex lawsuits and regulatory matters.  With powerful enterprise-class features, instant availability, expert workflows, flat-fee licenses, and no up-front costs, the TotalDiscovery platform is the future of legal information management.

TotalDiscovery empowers organizations to take control of their legal information obligations, enabling them to quickly and easily respond to and manage litigation discovery demands, regulatory requests, internal investigations, and other such needs, all from a single, fully integrated online dashboard. From managing communications (like legal holds and corporate policy updates) to collecting, analyzing, and reviewing data (whether that data lives on the network, in the cloud or elsewhere), TotalDiscovery is a comprehensive solution unmatched in the industry. TotalDiscovery can be implemented immediately, with no software to install or hardware to provision, and its intuitive interface means there’s no need for extensive training either. Find out more at

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