BIA to Present at Joint AIIM Grand Canyon and ARMA Arizona Chapter Meeting

Program to Focus on the Strategic Role of IG in Preservation and Hold

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2014 Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), a leader in legal preservation and eDiscovery software and services, today announced that Alon Israely, Esq., CISSP will co-present with John Isaza, Esq., FAI at a joint chapter educational event for the Phoenix chapters of AIIM and ARMA.

“I volunteer as much time as I am able in service to the associations who educate our industry, and so fortunate that we at BIA have the level of support for that work. In my role as President of the AIIM Grand Canyon Chapter, I wanted to execute on our vision to provide a high level educational program that focused on the strategic roles of our membership in the process of preservation and hold, and was thrilled when BIA and John Isaza agreed to donate their time to this effort,” said Robin Thompson VP of Marketing for BIA.

Highlights of this program include a discussion around:

“With more education being requested about how information managers and governance professionals can move from tactical roles to strategic roles in the discussions their companies are having about information, this is a perfect program for our chapter, and the Valley is fortunate to have speakers of this caliber here to educate our joint memberships,” said Thompson. “In fact, the data that I use to analyze and forecast the market, shows that more and more job descriptions for corporate positions involving preservation and hold call for experience in RIM or IG. Corporations are recognizing the value of the knowledge and skills of our membership,” said Robin Thompson.

“AIIM Grand Canyon and ARMA Arizona are both very active chapters with several sharped members. It was time to put forth a combined, local event to best serve our members challenged with having to choose one organizations’ event over another,” said Liz Carrera of The Apollo Group and President of ARMA Arizona.


Registration is still open.

AIIM Event Cost:

About Alon Israely, Esq.
Alon Israely, co-founder of Business Intelligence Associates, has for more than 10 years worked closely with IT departments, corporate security, legal, risk, and HR to address the legal aspects of Big Data, including management, identification, gathering, and handling. He has helped create commercial methods for data handling as well as tools and software for ESI identification and data gathering. Israely has a background in IT and a license to practice law. Alon is a frequent author and speaker with The Association of Corporate Counsel, ACEDS, ARMA, LegalTech and with IT and Privacy Groups. The unique perspective that Alon brings to his lectures as a licensed attorney, IT professional and Certified Information Systems Security Professional have made him one of the most sought-after speakers in his field.

About John Isaza, Esq., FAI:
John Isaza is the CEO of Information Governance Solutions, LLC, a technology-enabled provider of global regulatory retention requirements. He is also a Partner at Rimon, PC, where he heads the records and information management (RIM) practice. He is one of the country's foremost experts on RIM issues, electronic discovery, and legal holds. He has developed information governance and records retention programs for some of the most highly regulated Fortune 100 companies, including related regulatory research and opinions in over 130 countries. His clients range from the Fortune 100 to startups. He is the 2008 recipient of ARMA’s prestigious Britt Literary Award, and in 2011, was named the 45th Fellow of ARMA International.

About BIA:
BIA is a leader in the legal information management industry, with over a decade of experience helping companies and their law firms successfully manage documents and data for lawsuits, regulatory matters and internal investigations in defensible and cost-effective ways. BIA offers the only secure cloud-based, integrated legal data preservation system: TotalDiscovery, a web-based software solution that includes complete legal hold management and data preservation connectivity to many enterprise systems to ensure a legally defensible method for preserving and analyzing critical documents and data. With no software to install or hardware to provision, TotalDiscovery can be used immediately, with no extensive training or configuration required. TotalDiscovery was designed for use by both Legal and IT for all types of situations, from small internal issues to large complex lawsuits and regulatory matters. With its powerful enterprise-class features, instant availability, expert workflow, unique flat-fee licenses, and no up-front costs, BIA’s TotalDiscovery is the future of legal information management. Find out more at www.

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