BIA’s Alan Marks Promoted to Senior Vice President of Product

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2014 Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), a leader in eDiscovery software and services solutions, today announced that Alan Marks has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Product.

Marks, who joined BIA last January as Vice President of Product, has been instrumental in leading the vision and direction of BIA’s software products. Since his hire, Alan has overseen a significant redesign of BIA’s TotalDiscovery, and added a number of significant new features.

When asked about this, Alan said “I've hit the trifecta at BIA! I have awesome colleagues who inspire me at every turn, wonderful customers who push me every day, and the constant challenge of creating simple solutions to complex problems. I can't wait for the innovations we're planning for this year.”

“Alan Marks has proven to be a great asset to our firm and has helped to drive the development of TotalDiscovery to the forefront of the eDiscovery industry,” said BIA President Brian Schrader. “Alan’s promotion is the direct result of his dedication to BIA and the success he’s had over the last year. We’re confident that he’ll continue to push TotalDiscovery’s innovation even further.”

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