BIA Joins Corporate Knowledge Strategies Forum as Organizational Sponsor

NEW YORK CITY – October 29, 2014 – Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), a leader in eDiscovery software and services solutions, announced today that it has joined Corporate Knowledge Strategies Forum as an organizational sponsor.

When asked about BIA’s sponsorship of CKS Forum, BIA’s President Brian Schrader said “The CKS Forum stands apart in its distinctive approach and collegial environment, which creates a unique atmosphere very conductive to the frank exchange of thoughts, ideas and concerns across both the eDiscovery and Information Governance spaces.” Mark MacDonald, CEDS, Senior Account Manager for BIA added “It’s truly a valuable resource for legal, H.R., I.T., Information Governance and Records Management professionals to get a non-hyped view of what is really going on in the world outside their organization and compare their efforts, initiatives and solutions with that of their peers.”

Corporate Knowledge Strategies Forum, was founded by Jeri Lou McKinney to provide a forum for 6 communities of practice to gather and discuss collective best practices, processes and technologies in disciplines including: Information Governance, Knowledge Asset Management, eDiscovery, Data Analytics, Privacy & Security, and Big Data Strategies. “The shared strategies help bring a holistic approach to functional departments and disciplines within an organization. Also, in sharing strategies in the complimentary communities, facilitates professional development for our members and they move toward a strategist role in their Fortune 500 enviroment.” said Jeri Lou McKinney, CEO. BIA’s sponsorship of CKS Forum provides a means for the group to continues its theme ‘Actionable Insights by connecting Strategies” said McKinney.

The next CKS Forum will be held in Houston on November 3rd and 4th.

Details for the Houston Forum:
Monday & Tuesday, November 3 & 4, 2014

Omni Hotel Galleria
Four Riverway
Houston, Texas 77056

To register for this forum:

Corporate ONLY Code: CKScorp (no charge for corporations to attend)

About BIA:
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