BIA Announces Newly Updated Corporate Proof of Concept Program for its TotalDiscovery Software Solution

Being in Compliance is Now Even Easier!

NEW YORK CITY, Oct. 9, 2012 Business Intelligence Associates (BIA) a leader in eDiscovery software and services, announced today a major upgrade to its already popular Proof of Concept Program for its eDiscovery software, TotalDiscovery.

Now, corporate legal and IT departments can feel confident testing the TotalDiscovery platform as part of larger information management and compliance initiatives without expending substantial time, money or resources to do so. Legal processes and workflows are put in-place while simultaneously, IT hooks and triggers are implemented and piloted with the specific goal to get rapidly to typical daily use (including critical enterprise hooks).

When asked about this bold move, Alon Israely, Esq., CISSP, a co-founder of BIA and someone who has worked closely with many corporations implementing preservation protocols, said “Good enterprise discovery software doesn’t need to take weeks or months to install, and should not cost a fortune to use and maintain. For over a decade, BIA has been introducing technology and pricing models that have disrupted the status-quo – this is just us doing that again with IT implementations of an enterprise solution. It used to take people hours to setup their laptops (including a few calls to a knowledgeable friend or cousin in IT) – now, both my great aunt and my 4 year old nephew setup new digital gadgets without thinking twice – the same should be true for IT organizations trying to meet the ever growing business unit demands for enterprise SaaS products and solutions. So we tuned our current POC program and made it even easier for a corporation to get started with their preservation compliance – we have companies connecting to AD in 15 minutes and running full preservation protocols within hours of that. It’s all risk free and intended to get companies quickly to a higher maturity level for their legal hold and preservation duties.”

The goal of BIA is for the customer to be confident about the way TotalDiscovery works in their environment. The Proof of Concept Program includes, among other things:

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About BIA:
BIA is a leader in the legal information management industry, with over a decade of experience helping companies and their law firms successfully manage documents and data for lawsuits, regulatory matters and internal investigations in defensible and cost-effective ways.  BIA offers the only secure cloud-based, integrated legal data preservation system: TotalDiscovery, a web-based software solution that includes complete legal hold management and data preservation connectivity to many enterprise systems to ensure a legally defensible method for preserving and analyzing critical documents and data.  With no software to install or hardware to provision, TotalDiscovery can be used immediately, with no extensive training or configuration required.  TotalDiscovery was designed for use by both Legal and IT for all types of situations, from small internal issues to large complex lawsuits and regulatory matters.  With its powerful enterprise-class features, instant availability, expert workflow, unique flat-fee licenses, and no up-front costs, BIA’s TotalDiscovery is the future of legal information management. Find out more at

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