Data Preservation & Collection

Legal Holds are not enough, data must be preserved!

Preservation is a REQUIRED LEGAL DUTY for parties involved in litigation, regulatory examinations and other legal matters. More broadly, "preservation" includes legal holds (notifying people to not delete or alter data) AND gathering copies of relevant data so as to ensure a secure preserved set of data for legal purposes.

Preserving data for legal purposes is challenging. It requires sophisticated technical and forensic processes. Today, most organizations preserve data in a highly manual and cumbersome way.

We cover them all...

TotalDiscovery solves it

Enterprise application power with a web front-end

TotalDiscovery offers both a defensible and efficient workflow and connects to many different corporate systems. TotalDiscovery acts as the front-end of the application and is supported on the back-end with a powerful programmable framework that allows for customization to meet each organization's specific needs.

This powerful and unique combination makes TotalDiscovery the best choice for in-house discovery management.

Open and flexible API

Our application programming interface has been designed to be open, easy to understand and able to communicate in many ways with other corporate network systems.

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Collection Screen

DiscoveryBOT Screen
[ DiscoveryBOT vs. other tools ]

TotalDiscovery leverages the mature BIA technology called DiscoveryBOT™ which has been used to collect data in legal matters for over a decade across the globe.

Data Profiler Graphic
Data profiling insight

Easily gain insight with our Data Profiler

  • High view of data sizes, counts and types
  • Runs remotely with no installation required
  • Scan users with no installation required
  • Live updates and reporting

Top Ten Graphic
Top ten reasons to use defensible technology and methods
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  • It's evidence
  • Spoliation
  • Neutrality
  • Burden and liability
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Verification
  • ROI: Return on investment
  • Small cost - big returns
  • It's the right thing to do