TotalDiscovery Enterprise Capabilities

TotalDiscovery is customizable to meet your organization's specific needs.

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Today's legal preservation duties require organizations to have defensible processes in-place while the business itself requires those processes be cost-effective. But there are many moving-parts to the process including many small tasks that occur, notices that are sent and systems that are touched – all which make-up the entire legal hold, preservation and discovery workflow.

TotalDiscovery allows for its already feature-rich default configuration to be supplemented and customized to meet any specific and individual need a customer may have.

BIA has been assisting organizations of every size to successfully manage data for legal purposes for over a decade, and so we know that not every legal process within every individual organization and industry is created equal - with that in mind, TotalDiscovery has a powerful and open API that allows for additional data source connections to facilitate data preservation tasks, for information lookup and data transfer purposes and to meet process management needs.

The BIA Professional Services and Implementation teams are experienced in legal data management, complex IT systems, eDiscovery and computer forensics. They work with designated IT staff and system admins/owners in order to assist with implementations, data migrations, customizations and other process controls.