TotalDiscovery Disrupting the Market

Here’s How:

By leveraging cloud technology and cloud economics, our customers get the best that utility computing and distributed storage (the “cloud”) have to offer:

Compared with the pricing models and technology of traditional legal and eDiscovery software, TotalDiscovery is the only web-based application that harnesses the cloud to deliver massive savings and cutting-edge technology at a low price.

What It Means

dis•rup•tive /dis'rəptiv/ adjective
adjective: disruptive
  1. causing or tending to cause disruption. synonyms: jaw-dropping innovation, groundbreaking, industry-changing, innovative design • innovative or groundbreaking. "breaking a disruptive technology into the market is never easy"

How the Cloud Benefits You

Legal Hold, Data Preservation and Discovery obligations and activities require coordination of many moving parts and involve many different people, groups and systems. Coordinating the notification, task management and preservation tasks can be daunting and costly when manual processes and traditional solutions are used.

The Cloud changes all that by substantially reducing the economic and technical burdens to designing and implementing a solution that can automatically manage so many of the integrated activities that business processes require. For example, Cloud technology allows for real-time analysis, parallel data preservation at no extra costs, remote data collection at no extra costs, intelligence early-on to leverage in later (typically more costly) stages.

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