Certified Defensible Data Gathering Technology for Legal Matters and Internal Investigations

20 Reasons Why TotalDiscovery uses DiscoveryBOT

  1. For over a decade, DiscoveryBOT has been used to collect petabytes of information from tens of thousands of resources in over 44 countries and across six continents. Its ability to forensically copy any file/record type and its support for both Unicode and legacy character sets allows it to connect to many systems, anywhere in the world.
  2. DiscoveryBOT is well accepted in the legal industry and has been used in eDiscovery and litigation management for over a decade and has withstood legal and technical challenges by U.S. Federal and State courts, as part of international legal proceedings and under scrutiny by regulatory agencies.
  3. DiscoveryBOT has built-in digital chain-of-custody functionality so that every bit of a collected file or data set is accounted for, and can be certified for use as evidence in legal proceedings.
  4. DiscoveryBOT uses accepted tamper-proof and security methods such as in-stream hashing which works to validate all files/records that have been gathered during the data collection process. All other activities are logged for auditing purposes. Standard IT data copy tools do not hash the files, keep light logging, require specialized configuration and have not been certified by Courts.
  5. DiscoveryBOT, working in tandem with the greater TotalDiscovery application, tracks collected data by custodian and automatically maps all relevant custodian-based data storage locations on the corporate network.
  6. DiscoveryBOT requires no local or network installation, no hardware and no specialized agents or expertise. It can be used in an ad-hoc fashion (on-the-fly) or as part of a more comprehensive preservation process and workflow – and can be easily launched and managed remotely, in most cases without the need for special admin privileges or other security requirements.
  7. While standard IT data move/copy tools handle loose files, DiscoveryBOT collects from many system types including systems with loose files (such as standard filing systems) as well as data from structured systems (such as databases and document management systems).
  8. DiscoveryBOT is a specialized technology designed specifically for use with handling information for legal purposes and at legal standards for evidentiary handling. Thus, while typical IT data management tools will simply move or copy files in native form and thus potentially alter those files, DiscoveryBOT handles files/records by transferring them directly into a hashed and encrypted container, thus preventing changes to the timestamps and metadata of the preserved files/records.
  9. The DiscoveryBOT container format can be compressed using open source compression technology (for defensibility) and can be protected in two ways – by password or certificate based encryption (i.e., PKI).
  10. Standard IT data management tools, if not configured correctly, can delete data from the source location after data has been copied whereas DiscoveryBOT does not have a delete function and thus prevention of data deletion or alteration during the data transfer process is impossible.
  11. The sheer number of command switches for standard IT data copy tools makes it easy for someone to overlook important switches such as copying all user related tokens (e.g., NTFS SIDs). DiscoveryBOT on the other hand, preserves all metadata, including hidden metadata such as permission and ADS information.
  12. DiscoveryBOT has been designed from the ground up to be a legal evidence collection tool that features robust logging trails and audit trails (including full timestamp information), file hashes, other session logging and environmental variables logging – all of which are critical to defending the process and mechanics of the preservation of relevant information.
  13. Standard IT data move/copy tools have limited (or no) support when something goes wrong. Whereas, DiscoveryBOT is a part of the TotalDiscovery application and thus comes with unlimited support and training from BIA.
  14. Many other tools – whether designed for use in legal data scenarios or whether just designed as a standard IT tool – require an expert technical or forensics skill level, but DiscoveryBOT has been designed to be used by anyone, with just a few clicks of the mouse, so long as they have access to the TotalDiscovery application.
  15. If DiscoveryBOT is interrupted at any point during its operation, the system will automatically return to the last known “good” collected file/data set and resume its data gathering operation. Many other systems used to gather documents and data for legal purposes are “black-box” in nature and do not manage its data integrity in the same way – and definitely not in a manner consistent with current legal data management standards.
  16. DiscoveryBOT features various collection methods including the ability to collect from multiple custodians and sources simultaneously as well as the ability to connect to many different system types, regardless of location or configuration.
  17. DiscoveryBOT has been designed to be completely flexible and customizable with respect to the systems to which it connects and the types of data formats it can handle. It utilizes an XML based configuration that can be managed via the TotalDiscovery application, by corporate IT or with the support from BIA Professional Services.
  18. DiscoveryBOT is backed by BIA and its highly–qualified team of eDiscovery experts. If parties pose any legal challenge to the use of DiscoveryBOT, BIA experts will fully defend the process thus making TotalDiscovery the only legal data management application that offers a defensibility guarantee.
  19. DiscoveryBOT is designed to work as a stand-alone tool or as part of a more comprehensive workflow for data preservation within an organization’s network. When used as part of a greater legal hold and preservation workflow, DiscoveryBOT can be configured to automatically preserve data based upon certain triggering events and other tasks of the overall workflow.
  20. TotalDiscovery and DiscoveryBOT are compatible with standard EU and other foreign privacy rules and BIA is Safe Harbor Certified so that the technology can be used with certainty to complete extremely sensitive and selective data collections, satisfying even the strictest of privacy laws.

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