Custodian Questionnaire

Interact with employees by asking custom questions related to legal matters and compliance. Ask employees about issues and facts related to the matter, and about where they maintain their documents and data.

The TotalDiscovery Custodian Questionnaire is fully integrated with TotalDiscovery Legal Hold and allows administrators to set up and manage online surveys to find facts to facilitate legal discovery and corporate compliance.

Smarter eDiscovery

Typically, a custodial questionnaire (or CQ) is a survey that asks an employee a series of questions designed to elicit information about potentially discoverable material for a legal matter. The questions can range from "where do you keep your important documents (paper or electronic)" to "were you involved with the development of the XYZ Widget product?" Results are reported in real-time. CQs can have an unlimited number of questions and support several key question types.

Standard Features

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Custodian Questionnaires
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